About me

After graduating from Williams College with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Cognitive Science, I completed a dual-degree in Computer Graphics & Gaming Technology and Computer & Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. I've had experience working in virtual reality, film production, and game labs. I currently specialize in digital strategy at a consulting firm.

What attracts me to entertainment?

I love stories. For me, the media and entertainment industry is a perfect blend of technical and creative pursuits in storytelling. I particularly like to meditate on the psychology and cognitive responses of my audience to the content I create. As interactive design becomes more popular, especially in the augmented and virtual reality worlds, cognitive psychology will only become more pertinent.

Where do I see myself working?

At the intersection of the business and creative sides of the industry. I enjoy the problem solving of business and the freedom of creation. Often, the two are at odds, though they needn't always be. More people just need to be fluent in both.